Our Vision

What is The Away Station Ultimate Vision?

What is The Away Station Ultimate Vision?

Imagine a shopping center that has an unusual artistic design and flow; simple, elegant and functions smoothly. A center that has been remodeled implementing true green ethics, using found items and environmentally sound products. The flow of the center allows for easy drop off of merchandise that you no longer want and the ability to purchase others that you do want.

A center courtyard creates a community gathering place around which are shops featuring environmentally sound items, well displayed and clearly marked, tended by knowledgeable people. There will be space for art workshops for schools and other community groups and spaces to rent for parties and events.

What else will The Away Station provide?

Services include:

  • Professional home and office organizational services with professional organizers available as a resource for clients
  • Complete removal of goods from homes, offices, and building sites picked up
  • Consultants for green deconstruction and building which includes estimates, proper deconstruction handling, and donation receipts written up for owner to use for tax deductions.
  • Clearing center for businesses, organizations and individuals to drop off items and have them distributed to organizations and individuals that are in need.
  • Skilled deconstruction crews (vs demolition) to handle project expertly.
  • Internet shopping for items still at construction sites

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Training and employment in various shops and workshops

Rental Service for themed parties, staging of events and unique props.

Rental of merchandise for stagers, theater groups and film makers

Flea Market Space, including rental space available for local flea markets and fundraising activities

Repair and Refinishing of antiques, reusable items.

Repair and refinishing of furniture, appliances

Who will use The Away Station?

The Away Station will be used by the whole community. It has something for everyone. Specifically it will be used by:

  • Customers who want to responsibly dispose of their unwanted items
  • People who are moving, downsizing or closing out estates
  • People with growing children and changing needs
  • Trades people, builders, craftsman, and home improvement buffs
  • Artists and crafts people
  • Schools, educational organizations and not-for-profit organizations
  • Business owners
  • Bargain hunters, consignment sellers and shoppers
  • People who want new employment (via training)

Benefits and Values to the Community

The Away Station creates the opportunity for consumers to become less of consumers, to begin to shift their consciousness to see “junk” as a resource, garbage as a treasure and to think about reducing waste. TAS redistributes goods and merchandise to people who need them, turning problems into solutions and serving the community overall.

The Away Station allows people to continue to follow the urge for change and the desire for new and upgraded things. It honors this human appetite and the Earth by providing a place and a way to do this easily.