How did The Away Station get started?

Note:  As of December 2017, The Away Station can only accept physical donations of redwood lumber.  We cannot accept other things, besides financial donations at this time.  We apologize for any confusion or trouble this may cause, and please keep checking back for updates.


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  • What do we Sell?

How did The Away Station get started?

What is the mission of The Away Station?

The mission of The Away Station is to productively and creatively serve the community and the planet by the organized collection and redistribution of the by-products of consumption. This is done by providing a way for people to effortlessly get rid of unwanted items knowing that these items will go to good use and not go into the land-fill.

It is also a Way for people to:

  • Responsibly, at one stop, dispose of unwanted items, including:
  • Building materials, hardware, fixtures, and cabinetry
  • Tools
  • Landscape and gardening materials
  • Shelving, house wares, and hard furniture
  • Collectibles and antiques
  • Some sporting goods and office supplies
  • Art markings, Art supplies, and materials
  1. Practice “eco-sumption” by shopping for all of the above items in one place.3. Creatively RePurpose, ReMake, Repair and ReSell these previously unwanted items.

    4. Provide more jobs, passionate work, training and education.

    This all results in shifting public consciousness from endless consumption to responsible interaction with the goods and products of our lifestyle and their impact on the planet.