Donate to The Away Station

Donate to The Away Station

As of December 2017, we are unable to accept the kinds of material donations we used to take.  The only kind of material donation we can take at this time is redwood lumber.  We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause, but we simply can't do it.  The situation may change during spring, so check here to see the latest on this.  Until then, we can only accept financial donations and redwood lumber.

Why Donate?

• Keep Reuse alive in Northern California!   Your donated materials are not only diverted from the landfill and waste streams but also save natural resources because they are reused. Your cash donations help us with staffing, marketing and getting the word out.
• Save Tax Dollars!    Federal law permits TheAwayStation donors to claim tax deductions for financial contributions and/or for donated materials in good, used condition or better.*

To Donate Funds:

•   Click the Donation Button to make a one-time contribution.
•   You will be directed to PayPal. (A PayPal account is NOT required).


To Donate Materials:

• Call ahead or walk in to have materials pre-qualified by Fairfax Lumber staff or Away Station Staff.
• Bring in pre-qualified materials.
• Some pick-ups can be arranged.
• Hauling for a fee may be arranged (especially if you have a mixed  load of materials that can not be handled at The Away Station location and need to be taken to other locales).
{In the future, we may certify haulers and contractors  to bring in materials: please check back.}

Donation Hours
Tuesday - Saturday 9am to 4pm ONLY

We appreciate your sponsorship!

* The U.S. Internal Revenue Service requires donors to value their donated materials when filing their tax returns. Donation receipts (up to $5,000) will be given upon request. 3rd-party appraisals required for donations worth more than $5,000.